1000 Twitter followers for a day

I get my first thousand of followers after just one day as I joined Twitter. Before, I had no experience or even any comprehension of that how Twitter does work. I joined it in order to promote my porn GIFs site Sex2050. Yes, cozy anus. I love that name, I found this domain on expired registration list and got it for $10. Then, I started to try myself in a new deal – building, SEOing and monetizing porn site. This blog is a part of my SEO campaign. Capitalizing will be started later, when the site got sufficient traffic.

After that as cozy anus was built, published and got initial SEO, I decided to try Twitter for my purposes (traffic boost). The account @cozy_anus has been registered on Twitter. Then I uploaded photo of a cute Asian girl as an avatar, twitted about 20 porn gifs from my site, each assisted with a link. And started to follow people and favor their tweets to attract some attention for a start, continuing publishing new and new pictures with links.

Reaction of public was amazing, they started to follow me, send me messages, favor and retweet my writes, sharing my funny name and links to the main site as per plan. I was replying in original and provoking form, flirting, offering to share my sperm or just get fucked, making compliments and enjoying the communication. I was doing it with intention to make people re-tweet my links in theirs huge followers communities. It works, more and more people started to come out of nowhere. Of course, some of that respondents were bots or spam machines as me, but who was real that brought me a lot of fun that night. After a day, not using any bots, just enjoying communication and having a fun I got my first thousand of followers. Then, I added Twitter icon with a followers counter to my site, demonstrating public’s interest to the Cozy Anus and offering to follow me via Twitter. My site is not like a mobihot or Free 3gp sex videos of course and never will be such a popular place for a jerk off time, but this project is my study at how to build, SEO and monetize a web site.